Ishan Shivanand

About Me

He trained over 4000 corporate professionals of Fortune 500 company executives and thousands of healthcare professionals in a key offering from his practical teachings based on streamlined, Contemporary Complementary Medicine - "Integrative Medicine." Aside from that, he has inspired thousands of people in the United States to become health coaches. Ishan has inspired countless countries throughout the world to rise to the occasion and join his anti-Covid 19,'self-healing,' anti-corona crusade.

His teachings include monetary assistance to the impoverished, holistic assistance, and spiritual instruction through virtual programs to combat the Covid-19 issue. Ishan Shivanand's meditative efforts have helped to protect thousands of frontline workers, doctors, healthcare experts, and worldwide businesses.

His contribution to stress reduction, anxiety reduction, and collective consciousness enrichment through mass holistic programs and meditation events done online - SHIV YOG PLAY records, live interactive sessions at online events – is unrivaled. Legislators and Fortune 500 companies agree on this.